Bull BBQ Gourmet Q Island


As the sun comes out and the temperature rises, our thoughts naturally gravitate to spending as much time as possible outdoors. What’s more fun than an old-fashioned barbecue grill? Whether you’re making simple franks or burgers for your family or an elaborate banquet of grilled foods for your entire party, Wholesale Patio Store has everything you need for outdoor cooking and entertaining. They sell every kind of BBQ pit imaginable from basic charcoal grills, electric smokers, pellet grills, mobile BBQ carts and built in grills. They sell BBQ islands, modular BBQ islands and even kits that will help you build your own outdoor kitchen from scratch. They also have all the accessories and components you could possibly need for preparing and cooking you next outdoor meal. A sink, refrigerator and even a simple ice chest will help you enjoy your barbecue pit even more. It’s all about relaxation and convenience!

The Secret to Outdoor Entertaining

Your patio is what you make of it. It can simply be that hot slab of concrete where you keep the recycling containers and store lawnmowers and other yard equipment, or it can be a true extension of your home, inviting you to entertain and enjoy fresh air on a beautiful day. One of the secrets to enjoying your patio is to divide it up into discrete zones that you use for different activities. In one corner, for example, you can have your barbecue pit and grilling equipment while in another corner, you can throw a couple of lounge chairs and a rattan table for reading your favorite beach novel without ever leaving your backyard.¬†You can ensure privacy and limit your visibility from nearby neighbors’ homes through the artful use of lattices, pergolas and landscaping. Umbrellas and retractable awnings ensure you’ll have plenty of shade as well when it’s time to move away from the sun.

Cooking With a Barbecue Pit

If you’ve never cooked outside before, the concept of grilling may seem daunting at first. The secret is temperature control. The most common mistake that beginners make is using too much heat for too long, that’s how you can turn succulent steaks into hockey pucks! Whether you’re cooking on the simplest charcoal grill or an elaborate barbecue island, you’ll want to begin by using a two-zone setup. Why? Cooking is essentially chemistry, and the different compounds that foods are composed of react differently to different temperatures. If you cook foods with lots of fats or sugars over high heat for too long, they will burn up.

A two-zone setup is a simple one in which one side of the barbecue pit is hotter than the other. Foods placed on the side with heat cook through the direct process of radiant heat while foods placed on the other side cook indirectly through the process of convection. Two-zone setups are also perfect if you’re barbecuing two or more items with very different moisture contents. There are many sources for information in learning the various methods of cooking outdoors. With a little research and practice, you will be a pit master in no time!

Whether you want a simple grill or a complete outdoor kitchen the outdoor living experts at Wholesale Patio Store can help. They have been family owned and operated since 1992. They know the value of having great products and provide unbeatable customer service. You won’t find more affordable prices anywhere on outdoor cooking appliances or outdoor kitchen equipment. They offer free shipping on nearly every item in their vast inventory of bbq pits, grilling tools and other appliances.

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